Like & trust: a relationship in question

About a decade ago I started noticing people seem to not trust information they didn’t like instead of simply not liking it and going on about their business with this information. At that time, I was about to report data that wouldn’t be well received and initiated an out of spec investigation prior to release.Continue reading “Like & trust: a relationship in question”

What you can and cannot do

Raising three humans to become self sufficient, independent and a contributing members of society is quite an adventure. There are three such individuals in my home and being their parent has been an incredible challenge, certainly not for the faint hearted. But watching them as they grow has been a beautiful journey…most of the time.Continue reading “What you can and cannot do”

Knowing and learning

When an activity doesn’t go as planned are you more likely to say something akin to dangit or that’s interesting? I am more likely to say that’s interesting especially if I get to learn something new or unexpected from it. I love learning something new, applying it and helping others with the newfound knowledge orContinue reading “Knowing and learning”

The halfway point

Motivation is an incredibly personal thing. What motivates one person is likely to demotivate another person. What may motivate one person in one situation may demotivate that same person in a different situation. For example the halfway point. The halfway point is always a milestone for me. I enjoy the halfway point for chores orContinue reading “The halfway point”

A question of scale

I used to really like miniatures. Miniature anything, I loved the pieces to Monopoly, my tiny tea set, the tiny food craze was pretty cool too. Big things are fun too, I love a big sweatshirt, oversized hammocks and large computer monitors. When my daughters were babies I would put them in some adorable onesiesContinue reading “A question of scale”


I have never had a problem being on my own. I enjoy solitary activities, solitary activities are healing and restorative for me, like a good, long soak in the bathtub or the commute to and from work. I prefer company, given the option, I would enjoy a good, long soak in a hot tub withContinue reading “Alone”

Statistics…bring them to your side

Statistics are a great tool for understanding and explaining tough concepts, I like stats and I think they are fun. Here is one for you: about one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Good news is seven in eight will not. The statistics, or odds, are on your sideContinue reading “Statistics…bring them to your side”

Hope and Vision

Take a minute to read about Pandora’s Box on Wikipedia, apparently translations changed a few things from the original intent and meaning, it’s an interesting exercise. The message I took from reading it as a child was that hope can be a negative because it was kept with other things detrimental to humanity. Hope onContinue reading “Hope and Vision”