Biopsy: husband view

Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend we knew that Tuesday was going to be a biopsy. A breast biopsy. A biopsy is a procedure to take pieces of a tumor to determine if it is cancerous or not. That was a three day weekend. The longest and fastest three day weekend ever. Tuesday morning came.Continue reading “Biopsy: husband view”

Kindness matters

There are a lot of trips to the doctor to get to a cancer diagnosis, there are exponentially more after a cancer diagnosis. A lot seems like an understatement. My first trip to the Breast and GYN cancer center at Woman’s Hospital was by far the worst. I guess the reason for that is theContinue reading “Kindness matters”

A Penny for your thoughts

There are days when I miss my mom more than I really think I can bear.  Those are the days I look for her in everything.  And find her everywhere. One day when my oldest daughter was very young right after my mom had died she found a penny on a sidewalk.  Without even thinkingContinue reading “A Penny for your thoughts”