Truth, kindness optional

Several years ago we got caught in a massive rain storm after grocery shopping. My husband ran for the van while leaving the four of us with the groceries under the awning. Another couple was there and the woman looked at her male companion with that look that clearly said that he should run andContinue reading “Truth, kindness optional”

Fierce for answers

We told our daughters about my cancer diagnosis over a long weekend. We had come to some level of acceptance and presented the girls with the facts and that the prognosis was all good. Surgery to remove all cancer, not likely to need radiation, chemotherapy may happen depends on what they find during surgery. ThenContinue reading “Fierce for answers”

Genetics-to know or not to know

Would you like to have a genetics test? Its a simple question, now that you know you have breast cancer, would you like a genetics test? At first blush, yes, I would like a genetics test, I want something to blame. Something to point to and say HA! that’s what caused this, take that! HowContinue reading “Genetics-to know or not to know”


I went to high school in the mid eighties.  In the mid-west.  We did hair BIG.  By big I mean we used Aquanet by the case full to make and keep our hair BIG.  There were times water would bead off my big hair.  My bangs added like 4 inches to my overall height. IContinue reading “Fearless..Hairless..Whatever”

When the wheels fall off

Wheels fall off. No matter how well you plan or how well you roll with it the wheels fall off. Everything was going well with my diagnosis and treatment, you know…considering. I felt empowered and my mantra was “this, too, shall pass”. I have put up with a lot over the course of my life,Continue reading “When the wheels fall off”