What cancer does to you

Today is my birthday. This birthday is very different from last year’s birthday. Last year I had just had the second chemo infusion on my husband’s birthday and my birthday was one of the dog days. One of the days I wished there was such thing as coma therapy for chemo. What a difference aContinue reading “What cancer does to you”

When the fighting re-starts

An interesting phenomenon occurs when there is cancer in the family, the push-back and bickering and fighting stops. It just stops. You don’t miss it at first, you don’t miss it at all We have three loving and wonderful daughters. They pick at each other, they fuss and fight and are just terrible to eachContinue reading “When the fighting re-starts”

Fierce for answers

We told our daughters about my cancer diagnosis over a long weekend. We had come to some level of acceptance and presented the girls with the facts and that the prognosis was all good. Surgery to remove all cancer, not likely to need radiation, chemotherapy may happen depends on what they find during surgery. ThenContinue reading “Fierce for answers”