When the fighting re-starts

An interesting phenomenon occurs when there is cancer in the family, the push-back and bickering and fighting stops. It just stops. You don’t miss it at first, you don’t miss it at all We have three loving and wonderful daughters. They pick at each other, they fuss and fight and are just terrible to eachContinue reading “When the fighting re-starts”

Truth, kindness optional

Several years ago we got caught in a massive rain storm after grocery shopping. My husband ran for the van while leaving the four of us with the groceries under the awning. Another couple was there and the woman looked at her male companion with that look that clearly said that he should run andContinue reading “Truth, kindness optional”

Wonder Woman and me

I love Gal Gadot. I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. In my heart Gal Gadot and I are great friends even though we have never met. There is a scene in the movie where Wonder Woman is taking on tremendous fire from enemy forces. While she is dodging bullets and advancing toward the badContinue reading “Wonder Woman and me”