A Penny for your thoughts

There are days when I miss my mom more than I really think I can bear.  Those are the days I look for her in everything.  And find her everywhere. One day when my oldest daughter was very young right after my mom had died she found a penny on a sidewalk.  Without even thinkingContinue reading “A Penny for your thoughts”

Target: BMI 24.9

Treatment was over. All pain had ended. Blood work was heading back to normal human status. My oncologist felt this was the time to let me know what I could do to help prevent cancer from returning—get my BMI into the ‘normal’ range and get my waist circumference to fewer than half the inches ofContinue reading “Target: BMI 24.9”

When nothing fits

Breast cancer treatment changes everything about your body. Everything. Every. Thing. First I had surgery. That changed my breasts and torso. I went on the comfort food diet post surgery and prior to chemo, that changed how ‘fluffy’ I was. Next was chemo, that bloated me beyond all recognition. Another surgery to change my upperContinue reading “When nothing fits”

When the wheels fall off

Wheels fall off. No matter how well you plan or how well you roll with it the wheels fall off. Everything was going well with my diagnosis and treatment, you know…considering. I felt empowered and my mantra was “this, too, shall pass”. I have put up with a lot over the course of my life,Continue reading “When the wheels fall off”