Rote versus Elegance

I have taken two business math classes in my life. I am positive I missed something, couldn’t tell you what, but I could work the problems and come up with the right number, but it didn’t make sense, I didn’t internalize it, own it, or try to make it elegant. I just did it byContinue reading “Rote versus Elegance”

Jackson Pollock and the first days back to work

I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared at all. There was no way to prepare, I can’t give you any advice on how to prepare for the first day back to work except know that you won’t be prepared at all. Even then you won’t be prepared. I love hugs, the first few days back IContinue reading “Jackson Pollock and the first days back to work”

Living Ketogenic

Cancer as a symptom of something else. Those were intriguing words to hear. Remember the Copacabana song? I try my best to keep fear at bay– and even away, honestly. Researching and learning help keep the fear away. When my oncologist said that I needed to get within the normal BMI range to reduce myContinue reading “Living Ketogenic”

losing your stuffing

I just had surgery last Thursday. It was revision surgery, that was all I asked. Today I am all packed in the stuff they packed me in and some of the stuff is falling out. I have been joking with the girls that I am losing my stuffing a lot! I feel like the sleepingContinue reading “losing your stuffing”

Genetics-to know or not to know

Would you like to have a genetics test? Its a simple question, now that you know you have breast cancer, would you like a genetics test? At first blush, yes, I would like a genetics test, I want something to blame. Something to point to and say HA! that’s what caused this, take that! HowContinue reading “Genetics-to know or not to know”

Would you rather

Have you ever played the game would you rather? It is usually a party game with two choices given by the player whose turn it is. For example, would you rather be kissed by Bradley Cooper or Brad Garret. That isn’t so rough is it? Either one would be fun in very different ways. GettingContinue reading “Would you rather”

Waking up with a song

My whole life I have woken up with a song running though my head every morning. There is no rhyme or reason or explanation for the particular song that day, but it is my thing. The only time in my life I didn’t wake up with a song was when I was recovering from aContinue reading “Waking up with a song”

Wonder Woman and me

I love Gal Gadot. I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. In my heart Gal Gadot and I are great friends even though we have never met. There is a scene in the movie where Wonder Woman is taking on tremendous fire from enemy forces. While she is dodging bullets and advancing toward the badContinue reading “Wonder Woman and me”

Being strong all wrong

When I feel the need to be strong for someone else, anyone else, that need can be overwhelming, and block out all reason. As a parent I often feel the need to be strong in difficult situations for my daughters, to set a good example for how to be an adult. I wonder fairly oftenContinue reading “Being strong all wrong”


I went to high school in the mid eighties.  In the mid-west.  We did hair BIG.  By big I mean we used Aquanet by the case full to make and keep our hair BIG.  There were times water would bead off my big hair.  My bangs added like 4 inches to my overall height. IContinue reading “Fearless..Hairless..Whatever”