Living Ketogenic

Cancer as a symptom of something else. Those were intriguing words to hear. Remember the Copacabana song? I try my best to keep fear at bay– and even away, honestly. Researching and learning help keep the fear away. When my oncologist said that I needed to get within the normal BMI range to reduce my chances of re-occurrence, I started researching diets and found those words.

I came across this book: and this book: After Cancer Care by Gerald Lemole (Author), Pallav Mehta (Author), Dwight Mckee (Author), Mehmet Oz (Foreword) . There are so many articles, blogs, sites and videos out there, a lot of information to be had, and a lot of opinions, too. Weigh it all for yourself and find what speaks to you.

These spoke to me because in Dec 2014 I had a weird patch of skin on my back and went to my doctor. She said that it wasn’t anything I was exposed to externally, it was what I was putting into my body. I should stop eating sugar, yeast, processed foods and dairy, oh and stop drinking alcohol. I left wondering what the heck my doctor wanted me to eat! A week or so later my daughters presented with the same weird skin thing. I took them to the pediatrician who was going to tell me what was really up.

He said we needed to stop feeding them processed foods, sugar, yeast and dairy. I immediately heard that they can have alcohol? What crap is that! My husband heard it wasn’t the alcohol since they don’t drink, game on! Right there, that moment encapsulated why I love him with all my heart!

After following this diet, roughly Paleo, for about 6 weeks everyone’s skin cleared up, several pounds were lost and energy abounded. That was interesting, I thought making hamburger helper was a home cooked meal. I thought pasta with a jar of sauce was too! Everyone I talked with thought our meals would be boring and bland, they were not, we went with Moroccan and Middle Eastern food since we weren’t really familiar with it, we wouldn’t know if made it all wrong.

When people came over for dinner, they didn’t know that they were eating our special diet food. Truly. Now, if anyone said this was going to take longer to cook, I would agree with them. It seemed like we were spending the majority of the evenings in the kitchen.

During the early phase of knowing something was wrong but not yet a breast cancer diagnosis, my blood pressure went up. My plant nurse told me to start reading labels on the food we were buying for hidden salt content. I told her that we don’t typically buy things with labels, we eat mostly whole foods. She seemed confused. Me too truthfully. Time and the search for what was wrong went on.

Reading that cancer could be a symptom of an overall organism issue, such as a metabolic disorder was quite an interesting find. It makes sense to me, and it is something I can do, intentionally and deliberately for myself and perhaps to help my family as well. made it EASY. There are videos, there are meal plans, with recipes and grocery lists. Upload the grocery list to a grocery delivery or pick up site and tell me you don’t feel like you just won grocery shopping! Since doing keto I have lost quite a bit of weight, and am the smallest dress size I have been since high school.

People worry, they worry this isn’t sustainable, giving up bread, rice, potatoes, processed food, foods with added sugar and so on. I joke that no one cared when I ate total crap for years. So far, seven months in, no cheating, no falling off the wagon, I am feeling great. I have donated so much clothing, 2 55 gallon contractor garbage bags full plus another smaller bag. I say that I have an unfair advantage in motivation, the memory of chemo is still fresh, chemo sucks, and if I can do this to prevent chemo treatments again, so be it! Even if I were to need chemo in the future, I will know that I did EVERYTHING I could to prevent it, no regrets. Easy peasy!

When I went in for surgery last week, one nurse has had me each time. She said something about the weight loss and that I was glowing. I hadn’t had any meds yet, so we can rule that out! I joked that I was pregnant, obviously not a concern, but my husband was not amused, I am smiling as I type this.

I want this for everyone, if you have a chance to live your life in a certain way to help prevent something terrible from happening to you, do it. I know its hard, I didn’t make any changes until something bad happened. It is much easier to live life a certain way to prevent something from happening again, but I don’t recommend that way at all. If your blood pressure is creeping up with no real changes in your life, try talking with your physician about keto and go to the website. The time and money you save on meds and grocery shopping will make you feel like you have won, the lost weight is just a bonus!

Published by survivorsherpa

I am a wife and mother to three daughters, a chemist and a breast cancer survivor. I would very much like to help others by caring and advocating for them while sharing my experiences and tips that may help to thrive during and after treatment.

One thought on “Living Ketogenic

  1. Thanks for the info and it’s great hearing of your success. People get confused when I tell them that I have to cook from scratch. I am allergic to soybean oil and eggs, so I have to buy fresh and cook from scratch. It’s a reminder of the old days growing up before fast food and pre-processed food.


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