Genesis of new experiences

I recently found rutabagas. Never had one before to the best of my knowledge. It turns out they can be cut like steak fries, tossed in olive oil, garlic salt and parmesan cheese and baked for 35 minutes. They are very good in this preparation.

I never would have tried them if I wasn’t living the keto way of eating.

I never would have tried the ketogenic way of eating if I didn’t have cancer.

Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

There are so many things out there to try. As a family we go on adventures trying new fun things all the time: rock walls, gravity ropes, bakeries, gas tank destinations, you name it! We seek them out and give them a try. It is a lot of fun and we learn quite a bit with each adventure.

We recently made mustard for the first time because of a book I am reading, It consists of soaking mustard seeds for a few days in vinegar and water put the mixture in the food processor with seasonings of your choice until you get the consistency you want. Who knew it was that easy? It is so delicious, we are going to use it as the glue for seasoning our Christmas ham.

I wouldn’t have gotten that book if I didn’t make a new friend 23 years ago.

I wouldn’t have made that new friend if I didn’t go to graduate school all those years ago.

Admittedly, graduate school is infinitely better than breast cancer, that is not the parallel I am trying to draw at all. I am always amazed when I trace back an experience to the one moment that led up to that.

It’s a wonderful puzzle to try to solve the seemingly small, insignificant event can lead to something wonderful. It can be a dark rabbit hole to try to find the moment that led to something horrible. Just remember the horrible moment is going to evolve and lead to something better, this, too, shall pass.

For fun, if you have never had a rutabaga or made mustard give them a try, you never know what it might lead to!

Published by survivorsherpa

I am a wife and mother to three daughters, a chemist and a breast cancer survivor. I would very much like to help others by caring and advocating for them while sharing my experiences and tips that may help to thrive during and after treatment.

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